Work shops
Workshops provide a glimpse outside of academia and link your thinking to industry. CSI NSIT holds various annual and biannual seminars and workshops for its members to enhance and widen their skill set. Select one or all from the given list.

Intro To Online Programming Workshop

Still scratching your head about how to solve brain storming problems on CodeChef, TopCoder, SPOJ etc. This workshop will give you a kick start in the field and master the world of online programming. Get to know all essentials about how and what to do when stuck in middle of a problem.
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Workshop on Business Process Simulation

A workshop on Business Process Simulation. Dr DS Broca has graciously consented to conduct it. Dr Broca is a Professor of Production Operations & Decision Sciences at XLRI, Jamshedpur. He has previously conducted similar workshops at several IITs, NITs, BITs and many other renowned universities.
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Graphic Designing Workshop

Amazed by the different logos of the MNC's. Do you like our BnB cover? Come to attend the workshop and the basic designing skills to develop terrific posters, mind-blowing book/magazine covers etc. Let the artist in you wake up!!
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Python Workshop

Whether you are experienced programmer or are setting eyes to into this for the first time, attending the Python workshop will push you on the correct track to enhance your skills. Python workshop provides you an introduction to this handy programming language, the must-knows of programming in Python, and what standard and third party tools are available to develop interesting applications in Python.

Linux Workshop

Are you ready to enter the universe of Linux? Linux (open-source operating system) is a powerful, handy, smart and robust platform. However, starting with the Linux can be irritating and time consuming for those who have never used it before or are ‘slave’ to slangy Windows. The “Introduction to Linux” workshop was developed for NSITians by CSI NSIT aiming to students who have little (or possibly no) prior previous knowledge of Linux.

Web Development Workshop

This annual workshop keeps you updated with the trend as well as provides a push start to new and enthusiastic Web Developers. We try to start from the scratch and ends in making you a pro! So do attend it to get that desired and necessary ‘kick’.

Special Interest Groups
NSIT has an interesting concept for the people to interact with their seniors and learn from them in specially organized classes called SIGs i.e. Special Interest Groups which are held mostly once a week.
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CSI NSIT organizes various SIGs too, one of them being Introduction to Programming in C SIG. In this, classes are held in which the seniors introduce other members to the world of programming and guide them through various elements of coding like algorithms, data structures, compilers, various environments, etc. The members are encouraged to try their hands at Online Programming to gain valuable experience and learning. These classes have been a success with huge crowd in attendance and positive feedback from the attendees.